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Cleaning Services

Deep Clean for New Clients

This really gets your home or office in tip top shape and in order for our regular maintenance plans. The Deep Clean is our best package and even though the Deep Clean may take a little longer and cost a little more, it’s really worth it in the end because you won’t believe the difference it makes when you have someone cleaning who truly cares.

Dust n Time LLC includes a very detailed cleaning the first time and highly recommends it!

Deep Cleanings of Residential and Commercial properties

Hand wiping of:

  • all furniture
  • baseboards
  • blinds
  • window sills
  • doors
  • light switches
  • door knobs
  • all hand and fingerprints on doors
  • ceiling fans

Full detailed cleaning & sanitizing of the kitchen including:

  • cabinets
  • counter-tops
  • back-splashes
  • empty toasters
  • microwaves
  • coffee pots
  • stove top

Polish all stainless steel appliances, ovens, and refrigerators upon request.

Deep cleaning of all bathrooms including:

  • cabinets (extra scrubbing if needed)
  • baseboards hand wiped
  • light fixtures
  • vacuumed and mopping of all floors
  • vacuuming of all furniture

Regular weekly, biweekly, monthly Cleaning

After your first time deep cleaning it’s our job to maintain your property throughout the year which includes:

  • dry dusting all baseboards, window sills, blinds
  • dusting of all furniture
  • removal all cobwebs if any
  • dust all ceiling fans

We will also perform regular cleaning including:

  • hand wash & sanitize all kitchen counter-tops
  • empty toasters
  • wipe off appliances on countertops such as microwaves, coffee pots, stove top
  •  remove trash if any
  • polish all stainless steel appliances
  • spot clean kitchen cabinets as needed
  • clean and sanitize all surfaces in the bathrooms
  • vacuum and mop all floors
  • vacuum furniture upon request

We clean refrigerator & oven upon request for an extra fee.

As Needed Cleaning Services

As needed Cleanings includes what regular clean does plus whatever extra cleaning would be; however, if it has been more than 45 days there is an extra 50.00 charge, anything more than 90 days would be subject to an hourly rate to make up for the extra dust and buildup that may have occurred (special circumstances for offseason cleaning upon approval by Jennifer Kellogg)

Free Quotes

We provide free estimates and I come out myself and do a walk through your home with you to determine what you and your families cleaning needs are.

Pet-Friendly Cleaning Service

We love pets and we look forward to seeing them. We care about our environment and all who live in it, even the ones with more legs than us! That’s why we always make sure your pets are safe while cleaning your home or office. We can look after your pets, feed them, and even walk them while you’re away from home. Hey, there’s nothing like a little company while you’re hard at work!

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